About Charlotte


“Meadows anticipates seeing the culture of education in Montgomery change to one of excellence.”




Charlotte Meadows has been an education advocate for the past fifteen years with a single passion – to improve education in Montgomery, Alabama so every student will receive the opportunity to get the best education possible.  As a parent of three students in the Montgomery public schools, she was involved as PTSA president for her sons’ high school and saw the need for more parent participation on the board level.  As administrator for her husband’s medical practice she observed the resume’s of job applicants from the traditional high schools and determined that MPS students were not being educated to the point where they are prepared for a job following high school graduation. Her experiences on the Montgomery Board of Education have led to her tireless work on behalf of students in the area.  She has always believed that there are enough people in the community who care about the problems in the schools, that with a team approach, those problems can be fixed.  



Charlotte’s educational background and work experience have given her the knowledge and ability to take the next step in each of her roles in life.  A 1984 Accounting graduate from Auburn University with a Master’s Degree in Business in 1989 from University of South Alabama served to prepare her for starting a medical practice in Montgomery in 1991. As a parent she realized the need for a stronger voice from parents on the local board and ran for an open seat. In recent years she used the experiences garnered from the Board of Education term to verbalize the need for education policy changes at the state level. As a member of the local board of education she saw how easily a policy change can impact the entire system for better or worse.  



As the outreach director for StudentsFirst, a national education reform non-profit, Charlotte traveled the state to train parents in advocacy and explain the need for a better education system.  She has an excellent understanding of student achievement data and believes that data should inform decision-making, including financial decisions. She worked tirelessly to advocate for school choice laws to give Alabama families options for their children, supported the Alabama Accountability Act by explaining the positive benefits to legislators as well as parents and businesses and successfully lobbied for charter school legislation to be enacted. After her job changed to include state policy director, Charlotte was able to work with lawmakers and the Legislative Reference Service to write legislation to reform Alabama’s tenure laws. Although the specific legislation did not pass, the networking and knowledge she gained was invaluable, as well as the research experience in reviewing laws from around the country.


Charlotte Meadows will use all of these experiences as well as her broad based knowledge of Montgomery as a 43 year resident of the area and her many contacts in the education, business, political and medical communities to work to improve district 74.  She gives 100 percent to every project she begins and will take personal pride in seeing Montgomery’s culture of education change to one of excellence and ensure a thriving business community.


The Meadows Plan

√ Improving our children’s education
√ Responsible budgeting
√ Better roads
√ Protecting the unborn
√ Changing the culture of Montgomery
√ Fighting for Conservative Values




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